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We are veteran communication experts who are passionate about empowering New England non-profits, healthcare organizations, and government agencies to maximize their impact and communicate better. 

We provide consulting and training on an array of communication issues in a variety of  business settings. We have special expertise in preparing for and communicating about public health and public safety crises, as well as communicating effectively healthcare settings.

We have years of experience teaching at the university level, are certified by the Centers for Disease Control in Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication, and by FEMA in the Incident Command System and in Exercise Design should your team require tabletop exercises.

No matter what type of business you work in, you can choose from our selection of popular workshops or ask to have a workshop tailored to meet your needs.

You can rely on our decades of experience to to address the unique needs of your organization. We’re dedicated to helping you prepare for your most challenging communication encounters.

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Each workshop is customized to meet your unique needs


  • Managing Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication
  • Crisis & Emergency Communication: The Next Level
  • Public Outrage: Sustaining Trust During a Crisis
  • Spokesperson Training: Gearing Up for Press & Public
  • Off the Record: Breakthrough Strategies for Difficult Media Interviews
  • Executive Presentation Skills
  • Developing Community Partnerships: Speaking at Public Meetings
  • Making Complex Scientific or Professional Presentations to Lay Audiences
  • The Power of Persuasion
  • Listening Skills for Executives
  • Facilitation Skills: Enabling Collaboration for High Quality Decisions
  • Provider-Patient Communication: Managing Challenging Clinical Encounters
  • Designing and Implementing Crisis Communication Plans
  • The Tabletop Exercise: Design & Facilitation
  • Coach the Coach: Communication Staff Training
  • Managing Social Media in Times of Crisis

If your preferred workshop is not listed, let us know.

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